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Word Pyramid is a fun word puzzle for iPod touch, iPhone and iPad, where you have to build a pyramid of words.

Each word in the pyramid has letters from a previous word in the pyramid but in a different order.(An anagram with one extra letter). The words form a shape that resembles a pyramid or triangle.

The pyramid starts with one letter and two vacant positions for the two-letter word. By dragging this letter to the correct position, the missing letter is exposed and the two-letter word is completed. The pyramid grows and now has three vacant positions for the three-letter word. The process repeats until all the words of the pyramid have been found. See the movie below how it works.

The bigger the pyramid gets, the more difficult it becomes to find the right word. If you are stuck at a word, you can press the solve button to let the computer solve the word for you so you can continue building the rest of the pyramid.

Word Pyramid has over 500 pyramids for hours of puzzling, ranging from easy pyramids of six words to challenging pyramids of eight words.

Increase your vocabulary, improve your spelling and practice your anagramming skills with Word Pyramid.

Word Pyramid is a great game to train your brain and boost your cognitive abilities.

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